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I’m Back!

Is anyone even still out there? I don’t blame you if you’re not. I guess I unintentionally took most of the summer off. I do apologize for not giving you the heads up and just disappearing like that. I have been very busy though! Good news, we finally sold our house! I feel pretty relieved as we were beginning to feel trapped here. Although now that we have the freedom to leave, we’re not sure exactly what to do or where to go! I think we will move in with my parents until we figure out if we want to buy or rent for a little while.

I also have some BIG and exciting news to share with you all soon! And no, I am not pregnant… Sorry for the cliffhanger, but you’ll just have to be patient until I can let the cat out of the bag. Soon, I promise!

In other news, I have followed Joslyn’s blog for some time now. My favorite part is when she does her column, ‘Scenes from the Weekend‘, where she shares little snippets from her life and home. I could always tell that she must have a great home from the small snapshots of beautiful vignettes and displays – But I have long been dying to see a full home tour. And yesterday I got my wish! Joslyn’s home was featured in Rue Magazine’s August edition. Click here for more photos and the interview and here for outtakes from the photo shoot.

Pretty great, right? Told you. Also, I have to apologize for leaving you again, but we are off tomorrow for a full week of camping by the seaside! Dustin worked really hard to get our vintage Boler ready to use for the trip. It is still a work in progress, but it’s liveable! I promise to show you some photos when we get back. I’m also going to pop in to make a big announcement (and I mean BIG)! So stay tuned.

{Photos by Manny Rodriguez, via Rue}