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Happy Friday.

Well, it’s practically the weekend again already and I am drinking my coffee and enjoying my clean and quiet house… both of those things will probably be short-lived so I need to soak it in while I can :). I meant to pop in here more often this week but I just ended up filling my days with other things; mostly baby snuggles, but some antiquing and house cleaning made it in there as well. I rearranged the wall above my couch with a couple new and old treasures. I am not sure if I like it yet, but a change was in order. I will probably continue to tweak it until I get it right.

What are you up to this weekend? Any fun plans? We were going to go camping but decided instead to stay home and clean and organize all our camping gear first. That way spontaneous camping trips will be more doable for the rest of the summer. I hope you have a blast doing whatever it is you’re doing and don’t forget to enjoy this sunshine!