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Amanda Peet’s California Boho Home.

Hello! How are you all doing? The sun has finally decided to come out and play here on the West coast and I couldn’t be happier. I just got back from a long walk with my girl and I am hoping to take her for her first official swim in our pool after she wakes up from her nap. We’ve got to get as much use out of that pool as we can before we are outta here for good!

I say that like it is going to happen any day now (which it might; fingers crossed!), but the reality is, we haven’t had any serious bites on our place yet. The market for condos is just not doing too great right now, and couple that with the fact that we are selling a 1 bedroom loft (which is only going to appeal to a limited number of people). All this means we are just waiting for the right person to come along. Sooner, rather than later, pretty please.

Because our home is for sale, I haven’t wanted to put more effort, time and/or money into continuing to decorate and improve it. But, I’ve got to tell you, it is driving me nuts! I mean, it looks cute. We purged a lot of the clutter awhile ago, so it is simple, and clean. But as someone who loves to decorate and gets bored with a room looking the same for more than a month, this is torture!

And seeing the abundance of beautiful homes on blogs and pinterest these days is only making it worse. I guess I will just have to consign myself to drooling over other peoples homes until the time comes… on the plus side, I should know exactly what I like and don’t like by the time we finally have a house! And I really like this home, owned by actress Amanda Peet, featured in Vogue.

You may remember her daughter’s room which was originally featured in Domino several years ago and is still an image I look to for inspiration when I am decorating Wren’s room…

{Via here, or just the image here}

Have a great Day!

{Images via Vogue}