Summer Dream.

Hello and happy Monday! It’s happy because the sun is shining outside my window again. I am really hoping now that summer has officially begun, the sun will decide to stick around for more than a day or two at a time. I am more than ready for the lazy days of summer!

I thought I would share the home of Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan, the designer who started the popular website, Apartment Therapy because it reminds me of long and happy summers spent at camp as a kid. In fact, his house sits on half an acre adjacent to his mother’s 18 acre property which just so happens to be a former summer camp. How perfect is that? The family has since built a barn and not one, but six (!) yurts on the property. Sounds like a summer dream alright.

{Images via The New York Times}

I hope your week is off to a great start!

Amanda Peet’s California Boho Home.

Hello! How are you all doing? The sun has finally decided to come out and play here on the West coast and I couldn’t be happier. I just got back from a long walk with my girl and I am hoping to take her for her first official swim in our pool after she wakes up from her nap. We’ve got to get as much use out of that pool as we can before we are outta here for good!

I say that like it is going to happen any day now (which it might; fingers crossed!), but the reality is, we haven’t had any serious bites on our place yet. The market for condos is just not doing too great right now, and couple that with the fact that we are selling a 1 bedroom loft (which is only going to appeal to a limited number of people). All this means we are just waiting for the right person to come along. Sooner, rather than later, pretty please.

Because our home is for sale, I haven’t wanted to put more effort, time and/or money into continuing to decorate and improve it. But, I’ve got to tell you, it is driving me nuts! I mean, it looks cute. We purged a lot of the clutter awhile ago, so it is simple, and clean. But as someone who loves to decorate and gets bored with a room looking the same for more than a month, this is torture!

And seeing the abundance of beautiful homes on blogs and pinterest these days is only making it worse. I guess I will just have to consign myself to drooling over other peoples homes until the time comes… on the plus side, I should know exactly what I like and don’t like by the time we finally have a house! And I really like this home, owned by actress Amanda Peet, featured in Vogue.

You may remember her daughter’s room which was originally featured in Domino several years ago and is still an image I look to for inspiration when I am decorating Wren’s room…

{Via here, or just the image here}

Have a great Day!

{Images via Vogue}

A Few Lovely Things: For The Gents.

Hello again! Well, in honor of Father’s Day coming up, I thought I would do a manly version of a few lovely things this week. Hope you enjoy!

A lovely tie.

A lovely mountain bag.

Lovely personally blended whiskey.

And speaking of whiskey… some lovely whiskey disks… or these ones look nice too.

Lovely sneakers.

A lovely denim park blanket.

A lovely egg bird house.

A lovely little eco-friendly tool set.

Lovely personalized beer labels for your special guy… this is what I got for Dustin’s first Father’s Day, except his look like this:

Or a lovely home brewing kit.

And if you need a lovely last minute card for dad this weekend, this one is a free download!

I just realized that a lot of these things are alcohol related, hmm… oh well. I am also aware that a lot of these items are sort of what a girl might want for her man and not actually want the man wants – maybe all but the alcohol actually! Ha!

Scout Market Recap.

Whew! What a crazy couple of weeks! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve posted… once again. I do have good reason though… first, I was super busy getting ready for the Scout Market, and then I was super busy recovering from it :)… and then, last weekend we went on our very first road trip as a family of three to Spokane, Washington for Farm Chicks! Far too much has happened for just one post, so let’s just talk about Scout!

The market was so much work, but such a success. I absolutely loved getting to meet some of you, as well as shopping at the other talented vendors booths. Rachel and Lily always do such an amazing job organizing and hosting these markets. I love that they provide for us, as small business owners, a platform to really do what we love to do. So, thank you! And thank you to all the other amazing vendors! There was such a unique mix of products and styles – something for everyone!

If you weren’t able to make it out, or if you just didn’t spend as much time shopping as you would have liked due to the large crowds, check out Cozy Home for some more vintage items from Twig Home. Also, I forgot to mention this little interview I did with Delish Magazine right here if you’re interested!

While I didn’t have much time to shop myself, I did manage to snag this adorable vintage chair from Colleen of Vintage Home. It is for Wren’s (future) room… as it won’t quite fit in her mini closet abode right now :). She’s looking a little worried here, but I think she will love it in time! Thanks Colleen!

All these lovely photos (except the last one) are by the talented Jayme Lang, who was kind enough to snap some of my booth for me. If you’d like to see more photos from the market, go here to see literally hundreds (!) of great photos taken by Sharalee Prang.

Red Brick Barn.

Whew! This week just flew by! I feel like I say that every Friday… but it’s true. Especially lately, as I have been a busy bee getting ready for the Scout Market coming up. Only a week away! Yikes! I hope you all can make it out. There are some great vendors (as usual). It’s going to be a great day of vintage and handmade shopping – not to mention supporting local businesses!

I thought I would leave you with an adorable red brick barn. And it’s available to rent! Too bad it’s all the way in Australia, otherwise I would be there in a heartbeat. I love the fresh, simple European feel to it.

Well, I hope you all have a great long weekend! I am not sure if the sun is going to hold out but it will be nice to get some relaxing in anyway. We have another couple of showings this weekend… I think we are getting close to selling this place! Cross your fingers for us! See you next week!

{Photos by Simon Griffiths, via Cote Maison}