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I am currently loving wallpaper. It has been steadily growing on me… although, at first it was just the tone on tone patterns that I felt brave enough to try. But lately I am finding myself more and more attracted to some of the busy and colourful options out there.  And speaking of options; it seems they are never-ending these days! If you can afford it, there is just about anything you could dream up! When we finally do move to a bigger and more permanent house, I would love to put some in Wren’s nursery (I have my eye on the last one in this post!). Lucky for me, Dustin recently learned how to wallpaper as part of getting his ticket in painting – hopefully I will be able to put him to work one day! How about you? Do you like wallpaper, or no?

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Me Oh My!

My husband is a painter (a house painter, not an artist – although, he may disagree), he has been painting for years but he recently finished school to get his painting ticket. Part of what he had to learn in school was wallpapering… and ever since then, he has been dying to wallpaper something, anything! Since we are hoping to move soon, it is kind of pointless to do anything at our home now, but I am busy planning what I would like wallpapered in our next place. I am a little afraid of getting bored quickly with wallpaper in a large area, so I might start with something smaller, like a powder room, entryway or laundry room. What are your thoughts? Do you think wallpaper is cool again?

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