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Twig Home Shop Update.

Well, I can’t believe it’s finally Friday! I thought it would never come :). A lot has changed in the past few of months for me, personally, as well as for Twig Home, and I think it is about time I pop in here with a little update for you all.

Towards the end of my pregnancy I stopped opening my little shop in Chilliwack thinking I would reopen it sometime after having Wren. But since becoming a mother, it is clear to me that I just don’t have the time to keep it open anymore. So at this point I am keeping it closed indefinitely. Also, most of you know I was previously selling vintage items out of Tracycakes Bakery Cafe. Shortly after having Wren, it became obvious that keeping all three store locations stocked was just too much work for me while getting used to being the mother of a small baby. I have since removed all my stock and will no longer be selling out of Tracycakes.

So, after all that… where can you get Twig Home vintage goodies?! So glad you asked! Let me tell you! I still have vintage items for sale at Cozy Home in Abbotsford. Go check it out! And… as of next week (July 3rd to be exact), Twig Home will have it’s very own little ‘booth’ in Creekside Country Home Decor! Besides Twig Home, there will be a few other great vintage vendors moving in as well! You really should go check it out next week! Above is a little sneak peek of a few things I’ll be bringing – including some of the treasures I brought back from Farm Chicks

Have a great long weekend and happy Canada Day! I will be busy working but I am hoping to get some relaxing in as well – I need it! See you on Tuesday!

Twig Home Update.

Good morning! Many of you have been asking about Twig Home, so I thought I would do a little Twig Home shop update to keep you all informed with the goings-on around here. I am currently not open at my studio in Chilliwack… however, I am still very willing to open it by appointment. So grab a couple girlfriends, some coffees and email me to set up a time to stop by! The reason for this change is quite simply, I am too busy! With a baby on the way, there are certain things I would love to get established within the next 2 months – the major one being – an Etsy store! Just think, pretty soon you will be able to shop Twig Home from your home.

In the meantime, you can find my items for purchase at any of the following locations!

If you have any questions about anything Twig Home related (or anything else for that matter), please, get in touch with me! I’d love to hear from you!

P.S. All of the above information (as well as addresses) can also be found on our Where to Find page.

Fieldstone Vintage Market [Recap]

Wow, what a weekend! I am still in awe of the great weather, the successful turnout, and all of the quality vintage and handmade items at the Fieldstone Vintage Market on Saturday. It was also super fun meeting so many wonderful new people! I have to say a huge thanks to Rachel and Lily of Birch + Bird, and the lovely ladies from the Ecodairy who worked so hard to pull this off! It’s so wonderful to be given the place and opportunity to share what you love to do with others. I also need to send a massive thank you to my wonderful husband Dustin (who worked the entire day with me), and my mom and dad who helped unload and pack up – as well as a couple of friends who did some major heavy lifting for us.

And for those of you who couldn’t make it out, here are a few photos I managed to take before the crowds descended. I am just sorry I wasn’t able to take pictures of any of the other booths. To see more photos, go here!

As much fun as the market was, I am definitely in need of a holiday. And lucky me, I am leaving on Thursday evening for 9 glorious  days basking in the sun in Phoenix! I couldn’t be more excited. The trip was planned as a sort of last hurrah before we have a little one to take care of and I plan on sleeping in as much as possible. But before I take off, I have a busy week ahead of me restocking Tracycakes and Cozy Home! So whether you missed out this weekend, or if you just didn’t get enough, be sure to stop by later this week and have a look at some more vintage treasures!

Twig Home at Tracycakes Update.

Yesterday I brought some new great stuff to Tracycakes in Abbotsford. You should go check it out… All prices include tax and can be purchased via debit, credit or cash. Here’s what it looked like before.

Twig Home at Cozy Home!

Last week I moved some of my vintage finds into a great little home decor/gifts store called Cozy Home in Abbotsford. You really should go check it out sometime… I put some very cute things in there! My section is near the back by the baby and kids stuff. Here are a couple photos I took after I set everything up. Ignore the scissors in the photo below – those aren’t vintage, nor are they for sale!

I also have a Twig Home shop announcement! I am going to be closed at my location in Chilliwack for the next 2 weeks as I finish some projects and restock! I am going on a little buying trip this weekend – so next time I open there will be loads of great new stuff! In the meantime, if you want to shop vintage, visit Cozy Home, or Tracycakes (Abbotsford or Whiterock locations). Thanks for your understanding!