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The Farm Chicks.

I finally have some photos for you! Sorry about the wait. It was actually really hard to take good pictures of the vendors displays as there were SO MANY people! So forgive some of these which may have a random person here and there. So without further ado…

This bench later passed us in the back of a truck on the highway…


Wow. That was a very photo-heavy post. I hope you enjoyed them (even if they’re not the best quality). I can’t say enough good things about The Farm Chicks Show; it really was excellent – and so worth the trip. There was just so much great vintage product to look at, it was almost a little overwhelming. Even looking through my pictures now, I am noticing things that I didn’t notice while I was there! If you want to see more posts by other bloggers that attended the show, visit here.

On The Hunt.

I don’t really know what to expect from The Farm Chicks Show as far as prices, selection, etc. But I do have a feeling I will be slightly overwhelmed… in a good way. That’s why I think it might be a good idea to already have some things in mind that I am looking for. So I thought I would share with you some of the things that I am on the hunt for…

Any little cabinets with drawers or doors… and this one’s in that beautiful minty green.

Three Potato Four

Old scales.

Etsy via Pinterest (this particular scale is no longer available)

Maybe a Navajo blanket just for me…

Three Potato Four

Perhaps a French style chair?

Heather Bullard

I am always on the hunt for old wooden crates.

Etsy and Etsy

I would really like to start a collection of vintage oil paint florals… they are usually too expensive for me, so here’s hoping I can find a deal!

Heather Bullard

And of course, I am always a sucker for any antique child-size furniture… who isn’t?


How about you? Anything in particular that you are on the hunt for these days?

Mason Jar Love.


I have long had a crush on old mason jars, especially the aqua ones. There is something about them that is just so charming. After posting about using mason jars to pack a picnic, I thought I would do a post on some different creative ways to put them to use in and around your home. The jars above look adorable in a cubby shelf and provide a pop of colour as well as some great organization.


Use them to organize and store dry goods in your kitchen or pantry.


Wouldn’t these jars turned candle lanterns be gorgeous at an outdoor summer wedding?

Weeping Cherries

I’m sure many of us have seen the above picture before (it’s made the blog rounds) – but still such a good idea!

Sparkle & Hay

Or how about this? Family photos displayed in mason jars? Looks great to me.

Cheeky Kitchen

Need a cute gift idea? Give a recipe in a mason jar.


And of course I love the classic mason jar flower vase.


I also love this idea, a terrarium in a mason jar. It’s like looking into a beautiful miniature world.

Lovely Little Details

And whoever first thought of turning mason jars into a chandelier is a genius! This is gorgeous.

There are so many more uses for mason jars; I just needed to end this post before I really got carried away! They are both beautiful and practical. Do you use your mason jars creatively? I would love to hear any other ideas you might have! And if you are currently on the hunt for your own mason jars, Twig Home will be selling a bunch at The Old School Market this Saturday! Come say hello!!


Thursday Thrifting

Today we needed to get out of the shop and enjoy this beautiful sunshine a little before it’s gone, so we made the trip to a couple thrift stores… I’ll be painting the blue cupboard and we plan on putting a potted plant in the broken seat of the chair. Wouldn’t it look cute in a garden?

Weekend Finds

Here’s our loot! Most of it is for sale… email me for pricing and details if you see something you like!