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The Farm Chicks.

I finally have some photos for you! Sorry about the wait. It was actually really hard to take good pictures of the vendors displays as there were SO MANY people! So forgive some of these which may have a random person here and there. So without further ado…

This bench later passed us in the back of a truck on the highway…


Wow. That was a very photo-heavy post. I hope you enjoyed them (even if they’re not the best quality). I can’t say enough good things about The Farm Chicks Show; it really was excellent – and so worth the trip. There was just so much great vintage product to look at, it was almost a little overwhelming. Even looking through my pictures now, I am noticing things that I didn’t notice while I was there! If you want to see more posts by other bloggers that attended the show, visit here.

Happy Day.

Well, I am back from a wonderfully full long weekend! The Farm Chicks Show was amazing! It was so huge, we were there for a good chunk of the day on Saturday and I still don’t think we saw every booth. The vendors displays were great and the atmosphere was friendly and exciting. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect either; the sun was constantly shining.

I will be back with more photos from the show… But in the meantime, I thought I would leave you with a small peek at some of the goodies we bought. We also made a few more buying stops after this photo was taken, so this is not the complete haul.