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Seeing the Light.

I am loving these gorgeous, light filled interiors. There really is nothing like natural light to make a space shine! That, and beautiful old European architecture, of course. One thing is for sure though, my poor little North-facing loft is seriously envious.

Well, I am off to drink my designated 4 glasses of water and then not use the toilet until this afternoon (what a great way to torture a pregnant woman!). Hope you have a lovely day!

{All photos via Light Locations}

Beauty in Simplicity.

Today I am finding beauty in the simplicity of these relatively unadorned rooms. I don’t know what it is about stripping away all the ‘stuff’ that leaves more space for peace to abide. I think it must be the lack of distractions and stimulation that I find really refreshing in a time where there is no shortage of those things all around us – vying for our attention (I am talking about you, Pinterest). But really, I like all the inspiration as much as the next person, but do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by it all? I do. I often have so many ideas floating through my head so quickly that I don’t have time to process any of them before the next one comes flying at me.

Sorry to get all philosophical on you there. I just think that these spare interiors allow space for the mind to rest and be creative on it’s own, if that makes sense. I also think they prove that you don’t always have to have the latest and greatest new couch or chair to beautify your space. I am constantly learning to see beauty in the simple things.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have gorgeous wood floors and a massive amount of natural light. I hope you all have a wonderful last weekend of October!

Photos via (in order): Designed for Life, Apartment Therapy, Oh, Pioneer!, Oh, Pioneer!, Giopaine, Indoors