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New Life.

You guys probably all know how much I love re-purposing things. Not only is it a creative way to recycle and environmentally friendly, but it usually gives you a unique and truly one of a kind item. I also really love the imagery of giving an old and unused piece new life. Isn’t that what God does with us? It’s a beautiful thought. So I wanted to share a few photos of some great ways to re-purpose old items.

Here are a few great projects you can do with an old door… (Twig Home has a few antique doors available if you’re looking to do something like this)…

The Style Files

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

Some antique wooden crates used as a book shelf…


Here are some old dresser drawers used as planters…

Apartment Therapy

And of course, the many things you can do with a wooden pallet…

House & Home

Apartment Therapy

Life on the Balcony


And there are so many more great ideas out there. All you need is your imagination and time! That’s really the key word here (at least for me it is). But hopefully you have been inspired along with me to try to make the time to create something truly unique. In case you haven’t noticed, I am trying to encourage myself to do the things I keep saying I should do while I am still childless… Something tells me I’ll have even less time in the days to come… Which I am so excited for!

Pinterest Challenge Revisited.

Good Morning friends! Don’t you love that summer seems to have finally arrived for all of us in the Fraser Valley?! I think the sunshine just makes me a happier, nicer version of myself… even when I am stinkin’ tired.

Because of this blog post, last week I challenged myself (and any of you who wanted to join) to actually make something inspired by one of my many Pinterest pins. I started off pretty ambitious, wanting to complete multiple projects… And I did in fact begin multiple projects, but I am ashamed to say, I completed only one of them. And the smallest, easiest one of the bunch too. It’s almost too simple to really be called a project. Nonetheless, I finished something that I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t challenged myself in the first place. So there. And, at the price these things are selling for at BHLDN, I just saved myself a lot of money!

Here’s my inspiration on Pinterest (originally from here):

And here are a couple of my DIY-ed cake stands:

How about you? Did you finish any projects this week? I would love to hear about them and see any pictures you might have!

Also, just a reminder, Twig Home is open 10am-3pm today but we are closed on Friday (because I’m going camping!).

The Pinterest Challenge.

While I’ve never actually done an official post on it, most of you must know of my love for Pinterest. If you don’t already know, Pinterest is a place to catalog and organize the things you love and are inspired by online. It is like a virtual pin-board, hence the name. Anyone can join, you just might need to request an invite which could take a couple days. But be warned, it is inspiration overload and could quite possibly become an addiction.

I first read about The Pinterest Challenge on John and Sherry’s blog.  Along with a couple other lady bloggers, they are challenging themselves to make one thing each season that’s inspired by all the amazing stuff that they have pinned; this is the Summer edition. I thought that this was a great idea because so often, I pin something with the best of intentions of making a project out of it and I very rarely do. The ‘rules’ of the challenge is that it must be a fairly attainable DIY because, it needs to be completed in a week. They started their challenge yesterday, so all projects need to be finished by next Tuesday. I might give myself an extra day or two because I only heard about it today. But you can be sure to see a post sometime next week from me with my completed Pinterest project! I would love it if you would participate as well and send in photos of your projects! Maybe I’ll even post a few!

Here’s an example of a very simple Pinterest project I actually have completed (just to give you an idea…). This project, originally from here.

And my version here…

Wood Paneling… Cool Again?

Happy Monday all! How was your weekend? Any great Father’s Day celebrations? I was sick pretty much all weekend, but it was nice to not do too much and not feel guilty about it! I did get to spend time with family and tell my dad I love him… so I guess it wasn’t such a bad weekend after all. I was going to call today a painting day, but I think I better jump into this week a little more slowly as this cold/flu-whatever-it-is doesn’t seem to be getting the hint.

Since my husband and I are selling our loft and the possibility of soon buying a house is in our future, lately I have been thinking a lot about projects I would like to do one day. One thing I’ve noticed a lot recently is using reclaimed wood to create a paneling of sorts on a wall. I am liking this idea as it is rustic (but can also look modern), unique and seems relatively easy to pull off. I personally like it when the wood is juxtaposed with a little bit of pretty (i.e. chandelier, ornate mirror, etc.). What do you think?

All About Walls

The Boo And The Boy, originally from Domino Magazine


Apartment Therapy

The Lettered Cottage

Ace Hotel via Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy


Decor Pad

House of Turquoise


Kara Paslay Designs

Delights By Design


The Art of Doing Stuff

This past weekend my dad and husband came out to help my mom and I cut some small wood rounds for display ideas that we want to use in our booth at The Old School Market. Well, I have always wanted a stump side table like the ones pictured here, but I thought it was ridiculous to pay $200 for something that is readily available and couldn’t be too difficult to make. So on Sunday, when I spotted the end of a log, already missing it’s bark, I couldn’t pass it up. The men did a wonderful job sawing it off and lifting it into the trunk of the car (it is heavy!). Take a look at some of my inspiration and then see the real thing at the bottom of the post.

West Elm


Skona Hem via Birch & Bird

And here is my beauty! Forgive the bad lighting, it is stuck in the shop right now – I couldn’t move it even if I wanted to. I haven’t done anything to it yet, I think that will be a project for next week. I might follow some of the steps from this tutorial. It is so heavy that I may need to add some casters like the stool pictured above. I’ll try to remember to take some pictures of it when it’s done and in it’s proper home. I hope you all have a great day – tomorrow’s Friday!