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Christmas, Here We Come!

Well, I figure because Halloween is now over that it would only be appropriate to let you all know (in case you haven’t yet heard) that the ladies from Birch and Bird are at it once again – and this time with a Christmas market! Twig Home will be there – and I will probably look ready to pop! But that’s not stopping me :). Most of the information is above but they will also be working alongside the Salvation Army to help them launch their annual coat drive. So bring your outgrown coats along and help keep others in our community warm for the holidays! To keep posted on more information and a list of the vendors, be sure to check out the Fieldstone Vintage Market page. Hope to see you all there!

Fieldstone Vintage Market [Recap]

Wow, what a weekend! I am still in awe of the great weather, the successful turnout, and all of the quality vintage and handmade items at the Fieldstone Vintage Market on Saturday. It was also super fun meeting so many wonderful new people! I have to say a huge thanks to Rachel and Lily of Birch + Bird, and the lovely ladies from the Ecodairy who worked so hard to pull this off! It’s so wonderful to be given the place and opportunity to share what you love to do with others. I also need to send a massive thank you to my wonderful husband Dustin (who worked the entire day with me), and my mom and dad who helped unload and pack up – as well as a couple of friends who did some major heavy lifting for us.

And for those of you who couldn’t make it out, here are a few photos I managed to take before the crowds descended. I am just sorry I wasn’t able to take pictures of any of the other booths. To see more photos, go here!

As much fun as the market was, I am definitely in need of a holiday. And lucky me, I am leaving on Thursday evening for 9 glorious  days basking in the sun in Phoenix! I couldn’t be more excited. The trip was planned as a sort of last hurrah before we have a little one to take care of and I plan on sleeping in as much as possible. But before I take off, I have a busy week ahead of me restocking Tracycakes and Cozy Home! So whether you missed out this weekend, or if you just didn’t get enough, be sure to stop by later this week and have a look at some more vintage treasures!

Happy Friday.

Wit + Delight

Happy Friday folks! I am sitting on my couch, small coffee in hand – (still an occasional guilty pleasure while pregnant), looking at the never-ending inspiration that is Pinterest. It sort of feels like the calm before the storm. If that storm is a very fun day full of vintage and handmade goodness, creative people and sunshine! If you don’t know what I am talking about, please check out Fieldstone Vintage Market tomorrow. Twig Home will be there along with 50+ other amazing vendors! The sun is supposed to shine and there will be tonnes of activities for the kids so bring the whole family!

I have been a busy bee getting everything ready so that we can set up later this afternoon… yesterday was a very full day – which is why I have a couple hours this morning to relax and be inspired. I thought I’d share a few images that have caught my eye this morning… forgive the random collection.

Middle Child Complex

Wit + Delight

Wit + Delight

A DIY jar lamp – I think this would look even cuter with an old turquoise Ball jar – via Redberry Barn

Lovely Morning

Wit + Delight

Okay, I’m off! Hope to see all of you at the market tomorrow!!! It’s going to be great.

A Pop of Orange.

Inspired Design

I know it’s only 9:30am, but there is nothing I would like more than to crawl into that very inviting bed. But, alas, my booth at this market is not going to plan itself! Off to work I go! Have a lovely day!

Lost in Translation.

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this Swedish blog, but I am sold! I can’t understand anything she is talking about but she has the most beautiful photos of vintage interiors. If you are in need of some eye-candy, go check out Vintage.

What are you up to today? I have a midwife appointment this morning, then it’s more market prep for me in the form of ironing vintage linens (among other things)! I hope that whatever you do today, you have joy in your heart!

{All photos via Vintage}