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A Home to Live In.

Good morning! I am really liking the calm, unforced look of this little house from the new online magazine, Collected. So often, a house can look ‘decorated’, and while beautiful, it is not usually a true reflection of those who live there. I think it is refreshing to see a home that has great style but also looks lived in. After all, that is what they’re for, right?

{All images from Collected Magazine}

Online Magazines.

Are you guys into any online magazines? In my opinion, nothing beats holding a glossy in your hands and drinking tea while flipping the pages… but there have been a lot of new inspiring online magazines popping up in recent months. And I can tell you, between that and great blogs, I am really saving money by not buying magazines anymore. Have you read Pure Green Magazine? They are a bi-monthly online publication for green living and design, with style. Their summer issue just came out and I thought I would post of few of the my highlights. To browse the full thing, click here.

{All photos courtesy of Pure Green Living}

UPDATE: I forgot to mention this, I am leaving today for a long weekend away with my mom and sister-in-law to go to The Farm Chicks Show! I probably won’t be back here until Tuesday. But expect some great pictures and stories from Farm Chicks! I hope you all have wonderful weekends! Enjoy the sun!