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Weekending and an Anniversary.

Is it Monday already?! I don’t know about you, but this weekend flew by for me. Dustin and I spent a wonderfully lazy day by the ocean in beautiful Fairhaven on Saturday. We went for walks, ate good food, and good ice cream… best of all, we were able to eat slowly and at the same time! Funny the things you take for granted before you have a baby ;). I can’t believe it’s been two years already (technically 2 years tomorrow)… This seems like just yesterday. I love you, babe, and considering the last 2 years produced this awesomeness, I can’t wait to see what else our future holds.

Happy Weekend!

Well, it’s Friday once again. The weather has finally been sunny for more than a day at a time in our little corner of the world and I am so thankful. It’s been nice getting out of the house for walks every day with my girl. We had yet another showing this morning (I’m beginning to sound like a broken record), and instead of finding somewhere to go, we just had a little picnic in the beautiful, grassy, park-like grounds of our complex. Since my house is now spotless, I am thinking some thrifting is in order for this afternoon!

Have a great weekend!

Family Photos.

As I mentioned, we had some photos taken last weekend of our little family of three by Jayme Anne Photography. I thought I would share some with you because I think they turned out so lovely. I have to apologize for posting so many, but I just couldn’t narrow it down any more! Jayme did such a rad job. I especially love how the photos are really natural looking – she doesn’t make you do any contrived poses. And although Wren didn’t give us any smiles (the little stinker), I think these capture her laid-back personality. She was such a good girl, just taking it all in.

Man, I can’t believe that 3 months ago we hadn’t even met her and now she is such a huge part of our lives. I can’t imagine life without her; she brings so much joy to our home. We are so incredibly thankful for the gift that she is to us. We don’t deserve her, but we sure do love her.

If you like these photos, you should check out the rest of Jayme’s work here!

Displaying Family Photos.

I have been thinking lately a bit more about displaying some personal photos in my home. I really don’t have many up at all… just a few small ones tucked in here and there. But with a baby on the way, I have a feeling I will soon want to display photos in a more prominent way. Here are a few different and creative ways to display photos of the people you love in your home.

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