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A DIY Home.

Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but wow, that week went by fast! A couple nights ago, Dustin and I went on a spontaneous date night without Wren. Dinner and then groceries… my, how the times have changed :). While in line at the grocery store, I decided to treat myself to the new Country Living Magazine. I was actually looking for this one, but they didn’t have it.

This North Carolina home was one of my favorite features in the magazine (you can see my other favorite one here). The owners have done a great job ‘DIY-ing’ their entire house on a budget. That’s my kind of house! From full on renovations, to building furniture, to decorating. And it looks great! I love all the white walls with the natural wood tones. So airy and light.

{All photos: Country Living}

So, any fun plans for the weekend? We are having an open house on Sunday afternoon so we will have to find somewhere to escape for a few hours… I am thinking maybe some treasure hunting? We will see. Have a great weekend all!

Pop of Colour.

Ever since seeing the above kitchen with the brightly painted pocket door, I have been a little obsessed with neutral or white interiors with a pop of colour. How fun and unexpected! I think it shows personality and that you don’t take decorating too seriously. After all, your home should make you happy, right?

I hope you are having a great week so far. I can’t believe it is almost the weekend again! I spent some time this week working on my booth for the Scout Market coming up (less than a month away!). I always feel a little better after I map out what my space will look like. I usually tape out the dimensions on the floor and then do a mock set up. It is a great way to visually see what I have and what things I still need to be on the look out for. It is also encouraging when a natural theme emerges. I am excited about how it is shaping up! Hope you have a great day!

{Photo sources: 1/2/3/4/5/6}



I am currently loving wallpaper. It has been steadily growing on me… although, at first it was just the tone on tone patterns that I felt brave enough to try. But lately I am finding myself more and more attracted to some of the busy and colourful options out there.  And speaking of options; it seems they are never-ending these days! If you can afford it, there is just about anything you could dream up! When we finally do move to a bigger and more permanent house, I would love to put some in Wren’s nursery (I have my eye on the last one in this post!). Lucky for me, Dustin recently learned how to wallpaper as part of getting his ticket in painting – hopefully I will be able to put him to work one day! How about you? Do you like wallpaper, or no?

{This Is Glamorous}

{Apartment Therapy}

{Woodsy Bond}



{Urban Outfitters}



A Beverly Hills Home.

Hello pink! I don’t think I could live with this much pink all of the time, but looking at these photos of a Beverly Hills home decorated by Schuyler Samperton just makes me happy! I also like how the pink pops are mainly in the drapes, pillows and flowers, making it fairly easy to change things up if the mood strikes. What about you? Are you a pink fan or not?

{All images via Schuyler Samperton Interior Design}

Papa Stour.

Three cheers for the weekend! Hip hip hooray! Any fun plans for the next few days? I’m not sure why I’m so excited for the weekend… since having a baby, it doesn’t really differ that much from my day to day life, except that Dustin is usually home too. Which is wonderful! I don’t think I’ll ever not be thankful for the weekends. Even if they are filled with rain.

I recently came across Papa Stour, a showcase of Scotland’s best designers and artists, curated by stylist and designer Rosie Brown and her sister Sally. I thought I would share a few of the interiors featured on their website. They all display items which are for sale through Papa Stour and some of them are images of a charming cottage Rosie and Sally have refurbished that is now available to rent! One day when I make my way to Scotland I would love to stay there.

{All images via Papa Stour}