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Putting Baby in the Closet.

I have been waiting to start planning our baby’s room to see if our house would sell before our mini arrives… Well, we have just made the decision to take it off the market and give it a go living here for one more year (at the most). If you don’t already know, our house is very small – a one bedroom loft to be exact. So no office. No spare room. No baby room. And the entire house (minus the bathroom) opens up on itself… so putting the crib in a corner of our room means doing absolutely nothing that makes any noise during nap times. Not an option. There is only one solution to this dilemma: putting the baby in our closet!

Now before you freak out, it is a fairly large walk-in closet with a front section (which we would still use to store our clothes) and a back section. The plan is to convert the back section of our closet into a nursery of sorts for our little one. It will probably just fit a (small) crib and a dresser/change table. But really, what else does a baby need in their room? I’ll have a comfy chair to nurse in right outside in my bedroom. I have been scouring the internet for closet nursery inspiration – there isn’t much – surprising! But here are a few that have managed to make it work. None of these are really my style – just inspiration that it can be done!

Domino Magazine via A List Baby

Nest Egg


Oh Happy Day


Room for the Little One.

I haven’t put a lot of time into thinking about how I will decorate the nursery for our little one yet. We are going to find out the gender soon, so I guess I am waiting until then to really start the planning! To be honest, I don’t usually like how nurseries are decorated and I haven’t even found many online that I really love, they are usually a little overdone for my taste and a lot of them look the same. I don’t want to use many ‘for baby room only’ items – I want the baby’s room to feel like an extension of my home… this also makes sense economically as you can reuse a lot of the pieces as the child grows. Anyways, I thought I would leave you with some of the kids rooms that have been inspiring me lately.

Sadie Olive

Emily A. Clark


Beach Bungalow 8

Little Green Notebook

Birch & Lily

The Old Painted Cottage

Nathan Turner

I also just found the blog Lay Baby Lay to be an incredible source of nursery inspiration. Joni is a new mother and does up the most beautiful inspiration boards. Below is an example, but you really should go check them all out when you have a few free minutes! I’ll be sure to do one of these for my nursery once I am a little more sure of what I want – I’m still busy gathering ideas at this point.

Lay Baby Lay

Dustin and I are off to the States tomorrow for a little day-trip to buy more vintage goodies for Twig Home! Can’t wait! What are you up to this weekend? Whatever you do, I hope it is wonderful! See you Monday!