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Reading Rooms.

I have dreamed of having a library of my own since I was a little girl when I watched Beauty and the Beast for the first time… The thing that struck me the most about that movie was how HUGE the Beast’s library was! And that ladder! I knew I wanted one of my own someday. That dream hasn’t changed, although perhaps the scale of it has. These days I would be happy with a small room (or really even a closet if we’re honest) for my books to call home.

House Beautiful

La Dolce Vita

Domino via Alkemie

Elements of Style

Material Girls

I’ve Been Inspired

Usually I would do a post like this on a blustery Fall or Winter day, but since our Summer has been a bit confused this year, I thought it fitting for today. There is nothing I would rather do today than curl up on a comfy couch with a cup of tea and a good book… especially if it’s in one of these beautiful rooms. What about you… Do you have a special place for all of your books? Or maybe a spot where you can escape with just one?