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A Question for the Moms…

Chulamama via tales of me and the husband

For all you mama’s out there: did you find that an actual rocking chair was a necessity when nursing your little one? I am having a tough time deciding which chair to purchase. I would love a rocking chair, however all of the ones I like aesthetically, are really pricey. Right now, I am leaning towards getting the Jennylund from Ikea. While it’s not a rocker, it is comfy, I like that it has a high back to rest your head and since space is an issue for us, I like that it has a relatively small footprint (for an upholstered chair). But what I like most is the price!


While I would still love to owe any of these stylish rockers, the reality is that most of them are well over $800 and that is just not going to happen. So, I would love to hear from you! How important is it to get a chair that actually rocks? Will a comfortable stationary chair do the trick? Also, if you know of any stylish and affordable rocking chairs out there, hook a girl up! Thanks!

West Elm

Fawn & Forrest via Oh Happy Day

Restoration Hardware

Crate and Barrel

More Chair Inspiration.

My last post was so long and photo-heavy, that I didn’t have room to include all this great chair photo-inspiration! Here’s a little of what I was talking about… one chair doesn’t always mean a lonely chair.

Live Creating Yourself

Old Brand New

Lucy Laucht

A Bryan Photo Blog

This is Glamorous

Hollie Wood Style

Have a Seat…

Speaking of chairs… Have I got a few for you! I have always loved the look of a table full of mismatched vintage chairs… I also like the idea of using a single chair for something other than sitting – yes, you heard me – maybe as a bedside table, or in the bathroom as towel storage… the possibilities really are endless! So next time you fall in love with a single vintage chair, don’t write it off because it doesn’t have a ‘set’, it will only add interest to your home.

Twig Home just so happens to have a few vintage chairs waiting for homes. Have a look… and if you’re interested in any of these, please let me know!

I’ve got four of these beauties. They are all very solid, and have the prettiest turquoise blue striped seats. $45 ea. or 4 for $160.

A perfectly weathered little beach chair. $35.

These babies are just dying to go around a cute vintage table. $29 each.

Two beautiful, solid, antique press back chairs. $45 each or two for $80. The antique brass chandelier is also for sale, $325.

Vintage industrial metal stool, $45.

Child size chairs! Vintage school chair, $25. Wooden rocker, $30. I also have lots of vintage wool plaid blankets for keeping cozy this fall, most $25 each.

More children’s chairs… White crackly chair, $29. Brown chair with burlap seat, $35.

The Chairs that Got Away…


Happy Monday everyone! I have a sad story for you this morning… I have been halfheartedly looking for some chairs for our living room for awhile now… halfheartedly, because we already have chairs but they aren’t very comfortable. We can’t seem to afford anything that I really want, so for now I just keep my eyes open at thrift stores and on Craigslist. Well, this weekend I was searching ‘chairs’ on Craigslist (because I also will need one for the baby’s room), and I found a pair of beautiful ones! And affordable! They sort of looked like the ones above, only the upholstery was white and the wood on the chairs was a bleached pine colour. Amazing, right? I emailed the lady right away and she said to give her a call at 2:00pm. Well, I already had plans to go to the lake with Dustin and a friend that day, so I just programed her number in my phone and off we went. I must have been having a really good time because I only remembered to call at 3:30 as I was blissfully floating in the water. I quickly swam to shore to call her but alas, they were already gone! I was really bummed, especially because I think I was the first one to contact her, so if I had just remembered to call, they could’ve been mine. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. I guess that’s the nature of the hunt. So the search for great chairs continues… Have you ever let a great find ‘get away’?

Here are some other chairs I would be happy to find at a thrift store or on Craigslist…

Erin Ever After

The Inside Story

Home and Harmony

Erin Ever After

Great Pieces.

Just a few pieces of furniture that I’m drooling over lately. I wouldn’t mind finding any of these at a thrift store or flea market! Can you imagine?! I’m off to do some painting! Have a great day!

The Glow

Three Potato Four

Jayson Home & Garden

This isn’t furniture, but I would love to find an antique landscape painting like this! Jayson Home & Garden