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As summer is slowly winding down, I find myself wanting to go on one more camping adventure… or more accurately, ‘glamping’ adventure. I like to rough it as much as the next person, but don’t you think it would be so fun to stay in one of these tents or yurts?! I would love to stay in a yurt on the Oregon coast, which I believe they have lots of. It just might end up being more of a Fall trip because it looks like they are all booked up for the rest of summer. Oh well, until then…

Glamping Girl

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Paws Up

The Decorologist

A Montauk Surf Shack

Tepees on the lawn, vintage lawn chairs and lanterns hanging in the trees?! I am loving the campy feel of this Montauk surf shack.

All photos from The New York Times, via Unruly Things.

Gone Camping.


Happy Friday friends! Do you have any exciting weekend plans? I am going camping today and I won’t be back until Tuesday! I am so excited to relax in the great outdoors for 4 whole days with people I love. And it’s going to be HOT! Woo.

This means that Twig Home is closed today. However, if you still feel like shopping, why not grab a cupcake at Tracycakes (Abbotsford or Whiterock) and check out my vintage furniture and accessories while you’re at it?!


Camping and Macaroons.

Happy Tuesday friends! How was your weekends? I had an amazing weekend camping with my husband. It was so refreshing being away from technology and people and spending time in our beautiful country, which I often take for granted. We spotted so many wild animals, it was crazy! 3 different bear sightings alone made me a happy girl.

We actually ended up coming home a day early (but still pretended to be gone, hence no blog post yesterday). On Monday we spent the day in Vancouver where I was determined to try a macaroon for the first time! They have been everywhere in the blog world for the past couple of years and I still had yet to try one. I googled until I found a bakery who sold them. Unfortunately, they only sold pre-made mini macaroons (no big ones) – but maybe that was a good thing, as I was able to try many different flavours. They were quite delicious, light, airy and very sweet! But I am told that no macaroons can compare to the famous Laduree ‘Les Macarons’. Until one day when I get to Paris, I suppose I will have to dream. Do any of you know a good local place to get macaroons?


Giveaway Winner!

What Kate Ate

Congratulations to our giveaway winner, Bonny Vaughn-Thomas! And thank you all for participating! This won’t be the last giveaway we do, so keep your ears peeled. (Bonny, an email has been sent to you with details).

Well, I am going on my first camping trip of the year this weekend and I won’t be back until Monday night! And I couldn’t be happier! Since I am not bringing my laptop, I won’t be back on here until Tuesday. Wishing you all lovely weekends friends!