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Above the Couch.

Apartment Therapy

What do you have above your couch? Assuming it backs onto a wall of course… Currently I just have one large piece of art on the wall behind mine, but I am not crazy about it and am debating a change. I always love a good gallery wall, so that is a strong option. I also like the third picture here with the old boards and I am thinking I could recreate that look with an old door. So many possibilities, not enough hours in the day. Although, I do have a few projects on the go this weekend that I am really hoping to finally finish. Maybe I’ll have something to show you next week. Fingers crossed. Have a relaxing weekend!

Lonny Mag

Flea Market Style via 2 Friends & 2 Cities

Domino Magazine via Nesting Place

Kari Herer.

I have long been a fan of photographer, Kari Herer‘s art prints… She takes simple botanical and natural objects and manages to display all of the intricate complexities in such a rich and beautiful way. They remind me again, what amazing beauty is all around us. And speaking of which, I would love to surround myself with some of her (affordable!) art. I am torn between antler no. 7004, antler no. 6986, but my kitchen would also look lovely with this spoon, knife & fork set. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.  By the way, the antler prints are a great alternative for people like me, who like the look of taxidermy, but would rather not, ahem… pull the trigger, so to speak.

If you like these prints, check out Kari Herer’s website, blog and etsy shop!

Hunter Chic.

I am still here! I haven’t quite left for vacation yet… but I am laying low as I have been feeling a little under the weather lately. This morning I even turned my heat on for the first time. Pretty exciting stuff. Since reading Rachel’s post, I can’t wait to light a fire in our wood burning fireplace.


I recently came across this home tour on Design*Sponge and it got me thinking about taxidermy. Are you a fan? I have to admit that this look is definitely something I am attracted to, however, I have my doubts about whether I could actually live with those glass eyes staring at me all the time. How about you?

Country Living

Via here, can’t find the original source – if you know it, let me know and I will update this post


I think I’ll probably stick to hanging animal heads of this variety in my home…

Country Living

Mansour Rugs.

I have been swooning over the rugs at Mansour, who boasts the largest antique rug collection in the world. Each one is like a wonderful work of art. I would absolutely love any of these rugs in my home. Although, a website that doesn’t even list prices is probably well over my budget. Ah, well, a girl can dream right? Have any of you found affordable antique rugs for sale?

On another note, I am very glad that it’s finally the weekend! This pregnant girl can only do so much in a week and my endurance was quickly running out. I do still have a lot to do before the Fieldstone Market, but that can wait until Monday. Do you have any plans for the weekend? I hope whatever you do, you have a lovely time doing it!

Plate Art.

Gypsy Purple Home

I have been meaning to decorate a wall in my house with plates like this for awhile now. Growing up, I remember my mom hanging plates on the wall, and at the time I thought it looked very ‘country’, but hanging them in unexpected clusters like this makes it feel whimsical and modern. It’s also a cheap way of filling your walls with interesting ‘art’, especially if you collect your plates from thrift stores and flea markets. What do you think? Are you a fan of plates as wall art, or is it too ‘old fashioned’ for you?

Apartment Therapy via Creamy Life

Apartment Therapy