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A Few Lovely Things.

Happy Monday! I hope good weekends were had by all. Here’s a few lovely things for you to start the week off right… but I should warn you, today’s round-up is quite a random one. Have a great day!

A lovely bag.

A lovely vintage wall sconce.

Some lovely (ceramic!) mugs.

A lovely bronze chair.

Lovely vintage camera night lights! (via Poppytalk)

A lovely little snowman in a jar.

A Few Lovely Things.

A lovely leather bag

A lovely rug.

A lovely delicate vintage baby dress.

A lovely recipe for cardamom & cream cheese squares (also, why can I never find pumpkins like that around here?)

A lovely little print.

And a lovely little place to sit.

Well, I am off to craft my little heart out! Just a reminder that Twig Home will be at the Fieldstone Christmas Market on December 3, along with many other great vendors. You are not going to want to miss it!

A Few Lovely Things.

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? My husband finished painting the baby’s room (ahem, closet) and we got the crib and dresser moved in. It is starting to look like a baby might actually one day live in there, crazy. Now all it needs are some finishing touches. I am hoping to try my hand at a few crafts in the coming days, so hopefully all goes well. Without further ado, here are a few lovely things for your Monday morning!

A lovely wall decal… (P.S. I just ordered this one for the baby’s room)

A lovely sweater

A lovely garland

A lovely Indian throw

A lovely circle scarf, on sale

Lovely potted tree

Lovely packaging

A Few Lovely Things.

Happy Monday! I hope good weekends were had by all. My husband was out of town and I wasn’t feeling the greatest so I did a lot of lounging and internet surfing… as well as a bit of closet organizing. It is slowly but surely starting to look a little bit more inhabitable!

I thought I would try something different here on this little blog… Why not start every Monday with a few lovely things? Basically it will be a list of things that have caught my eye for one reason or another. Sometimes there might be a theme, and sometimes (like this morning), it will be a completely random list of lovelies. Let’s see how this goes.

Lovely necklaces

Lovely bathroom

Lovely drawers

Lovely paper flowers

Lovely settee

Lovely sweater and slippers

Lovely home