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A Few Lovely Things.

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty relaxing. We had another showing of our house… have I mentioned that we put our home on the market again? The size is fine for right now, but Wren is growing so fast that we would really like to get into something bigger soon. Especially before she is mobile since our small loft unit is 2 stories. We are praying that the right person comes around soon… as a one bedroom loft isn’t for everyone – it definitely has character though – right down to the vintage acorn fireplace! If you know anyone who is looking, send them my way!

Here are a few lovely things that have caught my eye on the web recently. Enjoy!

A lovely basket.

A lovely blouse.

A lovely chair.

A lovely bathmat.

A lovely lamp.

A lovely suit.

A lovely light.

Lovely vintage arrows.

A Few Lovely Things.

 Hello! Well, only a few more days until the weekend! And apparently we are going to get some much deserved sunny weather here on the west coast. My fingers are crossed. This week has been a busy one for me, so I for one, will be good and ready for the weekend! I didn’t get around to posting a few lovely things on Monday… so now here it is, two days late. Enjoy!

A lovely blouse.

A lovely rug.

A lovely little wall lamp.

A lovely backpack.

A lovely bathing suit.

A Few Lovely Things.

Happy Monday y’all! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was just lovely! The sun finally decided to shine for a whole 3 days straight here on the west coast! This is big news people. It has been so dreary lately (and according to the weather app on my phone, it will continue to be)… but I am so thankful for the sunny reprieve we just had.

On Saturday we had our photos taken for the first time as a little family of three by the talented Jayme Lang. We had postponed this session for at least 3 weeks because it just happened to rain every Saturday, so we were pretty pumped to finally get out there. We’ve seen one little sneak peak from our session and it is AMAZING! Can’t wait to see the rest – I’ll be sure to share some when the time comes. For now, here are a few lovely things, all in the colour of the sea… or the rain, depending on how you look at it.

Lovely vintage seam binding.

Lovely spearmint denim.

Lovely vintage bottles.

A lovely painting.

Lovely vintage milk glass spice jars.

Lovely sea glass containers.

A Few Lovely Things.

 Hello! How was your weekend? Ours was good; lots of visiting with friends and family… although, it would have been a lot better if the sun had decided to shine for us. I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for Spring to be here for real! I have had enough of this crazy rain/hail/snow-type weather to last me until next winter! Right now it looks like this weekend is supposed to be nice – my fingers are crossed!

I thought I would pop in today with a few lovely things that have caught my eye recently. Enjoy!

A lovely vintage child’s outfit.

A lovely clutch.

A lovely dress.

Lovely little baby shoes.

Lovely little flag stands.

Lovely hair pins.

A lovely owl.

A Few Lovely Things (on a Friday!)

Well, this week just sort of ran away on me… as is usual these days. I didn’t even do anything of note, just stayed home with my snuggley baby. Although, one evening Dustin let me go out to do a little shopping all by myself. Glorious. How was your week? I have a few lovely things for you (a whole 5 days late!) to start your weekend off right. Enjoy.

A lovely kids clothing line. {found via O Joy}

A lovely scarf.

A lovely wallpaper.

A lovely DIY baby blanket.

A lovely t-shirt. And apparently, it’s the perfect fitted tee.

A lovely necklace, with an even lovelier story.