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A Few Lovely Things.

Hello! I hope your week is going well so far. Mine has been filled with family visits (my brother and his wife and 2 daughters are moving here from Kentucky this week!), treasure hunting, and doctors appointments (Wren’s immunizations). So I just haven’t had the time to pop in here until now. I haven’t posted a few lovely things for awhile now so I feel like I could have chosen hundreds of items, but I limited myself to just these 11. Hope you enjoy.

A lovely vintage inspired print.

Some lovely hair ties… which also look pretty on your wrist – genius!

A lovely chair.

Lovely little macaroon trinket boxes.

A lovely ring.

A lovely vintage teakettle.

A lovely blanket.

A lovely burlap pouf.

A lovely vintage industrial light.

A lovely vintage dress.

A lovely DIY. (Twig Home currently has several antique wooden spools for sale at Creekside if you want to give this a try).

A Few Lovely Things.

 Hello! Is it Friday yet? No? Uh oh, if that’s how I am feeling already and it’s only Tuesday, this is going to be a long week! I think I am just feeling the effects of my champion-sleeping daughter, who has either slept entirely through the night or occasionally waking up for one quick feed since she was about a month old, suddenly go to consistently waking up twice a night for the past week. I’m not sure why… maybe she’s teething, but I really haven’t noticed her in any pain or discomfort yet. My best guess is that she might be going through a little growth spurt and needs more food to get her through the night. Whatever it is, I hope it doesn’t last too long. As much as I love cuddling with Wren in my bed in the middle of the night, this mama needs her sleep!

I thought I would pop in here with a few lovely things to hopefully brighten up this rainy day for you. Enjoy!

A lovely chair.

Lovely custom bridesmaid dresses.

A lovely cup.

Lovely lace tee pees!

A lovely rug.

A lovely clock.

A lovely necklace. I want a D and a W :)…

More lovely custom bridesmaid dresses! If I could get married again (to the same man, of course!), I would get these for my maids.

A lovely vintage lamp.

A Few Lovely Things: For The Gents.

Hello again! Well, in honor of Father’s Day coming up, I thought I would do a manly version of a few lovely things this week. Hope you enjoy!

A lovely tie.

A lovely mountain bag.

Lovely personally blended whiskey.

And speaking of whiskey… some lovely whiskey disks… or these ones look nice too.

Lovely sneakers.

A lovely denim park blanket.

A lovely egg bird house.

A lovely little eco-friendly tool set.

Lovely personalized beer labels for your special guy… this is what I got for Dustin’s first Father’s Day, except his look like this:

Or a lovely home brewing kit.

And if you need a lovely last minute card for dad this weekend, this one is a free download!

I just realized that a lot of these things are alcohol related, hmm… oh well. I am also aware that a lot of these items are sort of what a girl might want for her man and not actually want the man wants – maybe all but the alcohol actually! Ha!

A Few Lovely Things.

Happy Monday all! I hope you had a great weekend honoring all the ‘mothers’ in your life! It was my first mothers day with a child and it was wonderful. More than anything, it just made me so thankful to God for making me a mother. I sure love my girl a lot. I also got to spend some time with both my mother and mother-in-law; both amazing women. I can only hope to aspire to be half the mothers they are and have been.

The weather has finally been so warm and beautiful here on the West coast! Hallelujah! I have been craving some good old vitamin D! I will leave you with a few lovely things this morning (all in a shade of pink!) before I head outside to soak it all in. Hope you can get outside today too!

First – a lovely little post on ‘mothering’ day (which I totally agree with).

A lovely dress.

A lovely little wall hanging.

Some lovely pants.

A lovely cake.

A lovely towel.

lovely beet hummus.

A lovely hat.

A lovely craft.


A Few Lovely Things.

Hi all. Yesterday just got a bit too crazy to show up here. We had a last minute house showing (among other things)… And I am really hoping we don’t have too many more before our little loft sells. Praying that the right person comes along soon. Here are a few lovely things for your Wednesday morning. Enjoy.

A lovely rug.

Lovely baskets.

Lovely pants.

A lovely desk.

A lovely vintage dress.

A lovely clutch.

A lovely bed.

A lovely baby romper.